What is iworry?

iworry is a campaign created by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) and exists to protect elephants by raising awareness of the threats facing the survival of the species.


iWorry - one every 15 minutes


The iworry campaign calls on world governments to make the illicit ivory trade and wildlife crime a priority issue, to make a financial commitment to security enforcement and to impose a complete ban on all ivory sales.

As a field based organisation, the DSWT works on the front line to protect wildlife and prevent the suffering and killing of wild animals.  Recognising the need for greater global awareness of the illegal wildlife trade in ivory, which claimed the lives of 100,000 elephants between 2010 and 2012, the DSWT launched iworry in 2012. The campaign is based on the premise that everyone has a stake in conserving elephants and that we must come together if we are to successfully educate and inform people as to the existence of the illegal ivory trade, the devastating toll it is having on elephant populations and through that, call on governments from around the world to take proactive steps to tackle this illicit trade and save elephants.

Sharing the evidence of poaching witnessed by DSWT teams in the field, iworry utilises social media, petitions, imagery, the press and public marches to create an awareness of the existence of the ivory trade and its impacts.  The loss of elephants in the wild, an iconic, intelligent and social species, would not only make the world a lesser place, it would have serious environmental and economic repercussions.

'Dead or Alive? Valuing an Elephant'


A living elephant is worth a staggering 76 times more alive than dead for its tusks. The loss of Africa’s elephants threatens Africa’s economies - and travel companies offering a chance to see the species - and highlights the need for global action.

Read the ground breaking iworry report here.

Download your elephant placards

Following on from the worlds first International March for Elephants in 2013, which brought thousands of people to the streets for elephants and attracted the support of many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), each year we stand shoulder to shoulder to raise awareness for elephants.

The International March for Elephants is a social movement, allowing people to show their support for elephants and to draw public and political attention to what is happening to Africa's threatened wildlife.

Sarah Borchert Editor Africa Geographic

Who are you marching for?

Personal stories have impact and so many of the orphaned elephants in the care of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust are the victims of ivory poaching, they deserve to have their stories told. So we have created a series of images in their honor and please feel free to download and print any of these, allowing you to take the orphans with you on the march.

Please see below for a selection of 15 'Who are you marching for?'

Ambo, Boromoko, Kamok,

Kauro, Mbegu, Murit, Mwashoti, Ndotto, Ngilai, Rapa, Roi

Sana Sana, Siangkiki, Simotua, Suswa

Join the Digital March for Elephants 2016

Off the streets we also urge people to share their iSupport photos and messages through The Digital March.

Watch as over 20,000 marched for elephants and called on their governments for stiffer penalties, financial investment into Anti-Poaching measures and tougher laws to save the species from extinction.

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The iworry Policy

Created by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the iworry campaign calls for:

  • A complete ban on commercial and domestic trade in ivory internationally.
  • Mandatory destruction of all ivory stockpiles, including confiscated ivory.
  • Investment in border force training regarding wildlife crime and increase port (sea and air) security, including investment in equipment and personnel to conduct increased inspections of goods to better identify illegal wildlife products.
  • Strengthened and implemented laws associated with wildlife crime. Where laws are enacted, ensure the investigation and prosecution of crimes are commensurate with the criminality associated with serious wildlife crime.
  • Provide resources to effectively combat wildlife crime.
  • Investment into ‘boots on the ground’ and technical assistance.
  • Tackle corruption and elite interests linked to the illegal and legal trades.

How can I help?

TIME TO make a difference!

There are a number of ways you can TAKE ACTION to save the elephant from extinction.


iworry celebrity support

Celebrity supporters around the world are standing up for elephants. Please see below the celebrities currently supporting iworry.